Monday, April 1, 2013

My Style: Neon Monday

Mother Nature is playing us a fool today!  We have a little cold front that came through with some fierce wind, reminds me of my Ireland trip.  Note - don't travel to an island and expect your hair to look good... ever!   Anyways, yay for a new blazer!! Well, not technically "new" but new again to me since my remix challenge.    I love this color, literally can be worn over anything.  Including neon orange.  Go Syracuse! (Huh??? I'm not a basketball fan what-so-ever but it seemed to fit the bill)
Also did The Great Closet Swap this weekend.  I'm not sure why I must be so dramatic about it, like it's an epic novel title or something...  But, I will say it was already so nice to be done with the remix challenge and have a new found appreciation for all my clothes; just to then pull out more clothes I haven't set my eyes on in months.  So, that's it Mother Nature you better cooperate because the boots, hats, and winter coats are officially packed away in the depth of my closet!!  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and weekend!
Thank you for reading! 

Blazer - Arden B Similar Style Similar (could not find one under $100, sorry ladies!!)
Sweater - Target 
Jeans - Old Navy
Flats - SoleSociety
Tote - Michael Kors via Marshall's Similar

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