Monday, April 8, 2013

Not So Manic Monday

I took a 4 day weekend so I'm joyfully relaxing today! :)

Let's talk about polka dot pants for a sec-a-roo.  Who's got 'em?  Anybody?  Everybody? 
Ok, well I love mine!! Truly, I do.  But, sometimes I do have a hard time styling them...  The dots aren't white they are a pale blue which I feel make them a little less versatile.  Anyways, this is my best food forward (or my closets best foot forward I suppose...) at pattern mixing with the dots.  

What do you wear your polka dots with?

Shirt - American Eagle (old) similar
Pants - Old Navy (bought at Christmas time) similar
Flats - SoleSociety (buy their shoes, they're amazing!)

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