Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Workout & Workout Wear

It usually starts in January.  The resolutions for bikini bodies.  But, if you aren't already working THE TIME IS NOW!  If you follow along you know that I usually post a workout on Saturdays.   But obtaining the ideal body health means treating your body like a temple from the inside out.  What I mean is, what you eat.   Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is 75-80% diet before exercise.  You absolutely can max out your results by working out 4-6 times a week, however if you're eating pizza and beer every night for dinner you will likely maintain your current weight or gain more.  

What I like to do to kickstart my metabolism and healthy eating is a good ole cleanse.  I typically do a 30 day strict Paleo, but my sister Sara likes to do an Advocare cleanse.   Advocare is a supplement program that promotes health and wellness from the inside out.  Their cleanse is a 10 day cycle where you eat mostly vegetables and meat and supplement in your vitamins, caffeine {from their Spark product, no coffee! :( }, and meal replacement shakes.  If you feel you need more guidance to kick start your healthy lifestyle visit Advocare!

Now that I've blabbed on... on to the workout this week!
Let's start with a good cardio burn!

Warm up with:
1 min Jog in Place
1 min Jumping Jacks
2 min Straight Leg Kicks

3, 2, 1...GO!
1 min Push Ups {if you need to modify, that is OK!}
30 sec Plank Hold
1 min Burpee {to modify, step your feet out one at a time instead of jumping out at the bottom}
2 min Side Lunge, alternating
30 sec Side to Side Hops {be sure feet are together}
2 min Squats
1 min Hip Lifts*
1 min Opposite Arm to Leg Extension*
30 sec Cross Back Lunge*
30 sec Side to Side Hops
30 sec Push Ups
30 sec Alternating Lunges
1 min Reverse Crunches
30 sec Squat Jumps

...And repeat. 

Drink lots of water and be sure you cool down by walking around for a few minutes and stretching your muscles.

nikini body

Shop this look:

*Means a new move, checkout the Workout How To page! 

 This post is not sponsored by Advocare and and all opinions expressed are my own.

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