Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Style: Orange You Glad...

I'm wearing these pastel pants again?  Don't worry I did the wash over the weekend :)  
I have mixed feelings about how I'm still wearing sweaters.  But, at least this one is a great spring color!!   

Is everyone enjoying the spring shopping?  Every time I go into Target or Old Navy there are fresh styles to choose from and likely marked down too!  I scored a couple really cute dresses this week and an adorable clutch at Target.  I will be sharing my purchases on the blog... don't worry!!  Probably sooner than later since I've met my April budget already (oops!) and want to hold myself accountable for it!   I was out last night with my girlfriend and was helping her adjust her closet.  She is in the transition from "college kid" to "adult in the real world".  I think we can all agree it's a time in your life to be excited and depressed about; it does come with lots of fun shopping trips to grab those essential pieces that will look great casually and are appropriate for your professional life as well. 

Here are my 3 shopping tips - 

1.  Clean our your closet! 
My mom taught me, make 3 piles.  "Always - Sometimes - Never" 
Donate what you will not wear.  I have a 3 month rule unless the item is strictly seasonal or super fancy.  If you haven't worn it in 3 months, chances are you aren't going to wear it.  

2. Make a List! 
After I've cleaned my closet I make a list of the seasons items (or closet staples that need replacing) that I would like to purchase.  This keeps you on track and your closet workable.  

3. Set a financial budget or have an idea of what you are going to spend.
Everyone has their own budget limits.  Set your budget within yours.  I've set my monthly budget at a max of $200/month.  Some months I do not need to spend that much, and some I will.  It's a personal decision and you should make your own evaluation based on your lifestyle and financial needs.  

Now that I've rambled on about shopping I bet your half way to the store. Or, your digging through your closet if you're following my rules appropriately. 

Sweater - Old Navy (old) similar
Jeans - Target (old) similar/printed and way cute!
Shoes - Target (old) similar 

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