Thursday, October 17, 2013

confession hour

scarf - amazon (similar) / blazer - gap (similar) / dress - forever 21 (similar) / boots - american eagle (similar) / bag - relic via marshalls 

This look is brought to you by no heat at work.  
CONFESSION: I typically set out a weeks worth of outfits on Sunday night.  It's my ritual and it's very anal comforting and fun! I look at the weather forecast for the week and I try to dress as appropriate for the weather as I can.  I stand in front of my closet for, oh, I don't know, maybe an hour or so... pull out pieces that I haven't worn in a while first.  Try to pull outfits together using those pieces.  Then I try to pull anything new I have (which if you read yesterdays post you know is going to be sparse for a while).  I try to set out Monday through Thursday and since Friday is "casual" I kind of wing it unless there is a look I really want to recreate.  

I wore this on Tuesday, it was 70.  So, I'm a little over layered for 70 in my book.  But my office is freeeezing; I needed that scarf and boot sock layer for sure!  I love it when I have to dress for necessity and the look still comes out how you like it.  I've had this dress for a long time and honestly don't wear it often enough.

Do you have any confessions?

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