Sunday, May 12, 2013

stop and smell the lilacs

I don't usually post on Sunday.  This is because it's a day when I try to "shut off" the electronics and be with my family or people I care about.  Being a little disconnected is good for me.  With the blog and all of the social media pressure there is to promote, etc... it's nice to take a step back every once and a while.  Thursday evening I took a solo walk up to Highland Park.  If you're in the area then you know it's the Lilac Festival opening weekend and the flowers are in full bloom.  It was so relaxing to walk around with my phone tucked away on silent listening to the birds chirp and snapping pics of these gorgeous and fragrant flowers! 

So, stop reading my blog right now and go enjoy some time with your Mom, or your kids (if you're a mom!).  Disconnect, just for today! 

**All photographs were taken by me at Highland Park, Rochester NY** 

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