Monday, May 20, 2013


Where do we find inspiration?  For outfits I read a lot of different style blogs.  Mostly with the same basic preppy, classic, trendy style; some with more edgy style.   I use Pinterest boards to hoard outfit looks and Instagram serves as inspiration too! I read magazines (InStyle, J.Crew Style Guide, Lucky, Vogue) and websites (Gap, Lauren, J.Crew).  There are so many creative and innovative people out there.  I'd like to think that sometimes I'm an innovator of a look or a trend, but honestly I'm likely still copying someone.   That's ok, though, right?  Copying or imitating is the biggest form of flattery.

Getting dressed and planning outfits is so fun for me.  I may drone on and on about "what am I going to wear" but that's only because each piece of clothing I own is like a slide, and the carousel in my mind is just putting them up against each other...
White top
black pants, blue pants, floral pants, polkadot pants - STOP- 

This goes on and on.  Sometimes before bed I'll think of something that could potentially look great together and just jot it down as a note because I'm too lazy tired to get out of bed and pull the articles out!  I will put together probably 2-5 outfits at a time.  I may not wear them all in that order and sometimes I switch out and decide that I'll wear it another day.  I do feel, though, that this helps in making sure each piece gets love.  

What inspires you?

Shirt - H&M, similar
Skirt - J.Crew Factory no longer avail, similar
Shoes - Target
Necklace - Sira&Mara
Belt - Target

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