Tuesday, May 14, 2013

may wish list!

After assessing my closet and what I need to replace/replenish/upgrade for this spring and summer this is is the list I've compiled for my Memorial Day shopping trip.

1. Boyfriend shorts and bright colored shorts - I have a few pairs of shorts that are still wearable, but I'm really digging the new longer inseam trend.  Honestly, my hiney does too.
2. Denim Vest.  This is definitely on the "extras" column of my list.  It's not a necessity, but paired with a great tee and cute colored shorts or jeans this could take an outfit from boring to BAM!
3. Versitle flat sandal.  I have a couple pairs already with backs on them, but a slip on that's not your typical "flip flop" to me is ideal and a little more mature looking.
4.  Bright colored cardi's.  I'm lame and own 3 cardigans; white, burgundy, and black - how boring is that?
5. A couple bold maxi's.  A great "I don't know what to wear" go to for spring and summer!
6. A bold colored crossbody.  Been searching for one for a while.  For me, it's important to not have to empty the contents of my wallet when switching to a weekend bag.  So, size matters.
7.  I adore my Toms this time of year, so it's natural to want a second pair.  This time a little more girly and decorative.

may wish list

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