Friday, May 24, 2013

3 looks for Memorial Day weekend!

Sifting through all of your spring clothes to find the perfect picnic attire?  No fear, I've rounded up three looks for you for this coming holiday weekend.   We are all a little different, aren't we ladies?  Some of us like to be relaxed on the weekends and holidays.  Others enjoy playing dress up 7 days a week.  I hope I covered nearly everyone here!

Look #1 is for my classic chic women.  She's comfortable in her skin and is ready for some lawn games.  Her tote bag is probably full of her kindle, sunscreen and essentials.

Look #2 is for the collegiate crowd.  Or, those just exiting college.  You're looking to appear a little more sophisticated, but not too much.  You need to show the guys you're still fun and can sink the last cup of pong!

Look #3 is for my Uptown Girls.  Upper west side Manhattan and likely cruising the city this holiday.  Brunch with your gal pals followed by a roof party or picnic in Central Park.

I'm definitely look #1, secretly dying to be #3 :)
Who are you?

memorial day 1

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memorial day

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memorial day 3

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