Thursday, May 16, 2013

send me on my way

Today is my Friday - woot!  Sorry, not sorry for rubbing it in all of your faces! 
I'm headed out of town for a friend's wedding, but not before I enjoy some lovely festivities!  Rusted Root is playing tonight for free.  They actually come quite frequently to our area and are amazing every time I go! 
Tonight after work a few of my friends and I will head up to Highland Park to sing along to 90's folky favorites like "Send Me On My Way".    A theme song of my sisters and me growing up as it is used in the movie Matilda.  Remember that movie?  That adorable stinking kid with the super powers and Danny DeVito?    It was one that got a lot of play time in our household!   
Don't worry - I'll have some lovely posts scheduled for you including a workout for your weekend! :)

Happy Thursday

Shirt - Old Navy
Pants - Target old, similar
Shoes - Target 

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