Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Workout & Workout Wear

I'm working out inside today.  Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating this weekend - which is a bummer since it's been so gorgeous out lately!

Here's an HIIT circuit to get you moving on this (hopefully not for you too!) gloomy Saturday morning.

Warm up with a light jog in place for 1 min then jumping jacks for 1 min.  Repeat! :)

Circuit 1:
1 min High Knees
30 sec Push Ups
1 min Plank
30 sec Burpees

Circuit 2:
1 min Walking Lunges
30 sec Mt. Climbers
1 min Squats
30 sec Russian Twists

Circuit 3:
1 min Side Plank Crunches (30 seconds each side)
30 sec Lunge Jumps
1 min Upside-down Bear Crawl
30 sec Bicycles

Repeat each circuit.

weekend workout & workout wear

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