Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remix Finale & Lessons Learned

Yahoo!!! I made it! Ok, if you haven't figured it out (not sure I should even confess this..) I cheated.  I actually only made 28 outfits in 30 days.  One reason is because March 16th was the Parade and I didn't wear anything but MGOS gear all day to promote my dance school.  The second day was one where my weak soul needed a break!  Either way this truly did make me more grateful for the clothes I have!  

Lessons Learned: 
1.  Do not choose to limit your closet choices during a transition month.   I really felt that 2 sweaters was NOT ENOUGH and most days were incredibly chilly.  I couldn't even wear one of my skirts I had chosen. 

2. Going a month without shopping isn't as hard as I thought.  What did make it a little easier was the fact that a lot of my clothes aren't wearable yet and so I am able to slim down my spring budget to just a few trendy pieces.   Don't worry, I already have my eye out for a few things that I must have!

3.  Taking pictures of your outfits daily is an intense commitment.  I also felt that some of my looks weren't really that creative or "blog worthy".   However, with an outfit sometimes less is more..?! 

4.  Next time I will definitely chose better pizazz pieces.  I gravitated towards my closet staples that I had chosen for the remix instead of trying to be creative with them plus the pizzazz pieces.   A lot of that had to do with the weather conditions I was up against.  Last March it was consistently in the 50-60s so going jacket-less was an option as where this year it just was not.  

5.  Wow I need my roots done.  You can really tell with my hair wrapped up in le bun!

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