Wednesday, October 16, 2013

remixing into fall

Top - Old Navy / Pants - Gap (similar) / Shoes - Gap sold out online! (similar, splurge)

I've been trying to take a bit of a shopping hiatus.  Which, as I'm sure you know and can understand, is difficult given the amount of emails I receive from Old Navy and Gap telling me things are on sale.   Resist the FOMO, fight the FOMO!!  
Still, I really only need a few items to make my wardrobe complete.  At least until the weather really takes a plunge into winter temps and precipitation.   One item was a handbag.  Now, now I know I didn't really need this but I sure was itching for one.  I settled for an expensive looking bag from Marshalls instead of the semi designer bag I needed had my eye on.  
The next item up is a new pair of black pumps.  Preferably with some kind of embellishment...  
So, I'm not doing a 30x30 remix challenge completely; but I will be remxing a LOT of the same pieces throughout my looks.  Sorry if that will be too boring for you - that's my life.  Ballin' on a budget.

On another note it's been difficult finding a new locale to snap some photos.  It's also a bit darker in the mornings making the lighting difficult and my rudimentary DSLR skills show through.  I ran into many a poor squirrel trying to hide in the back yard for these shots.... I screamed if you must know.  The squirrel launched itself at me/up a tree and I hope no one thought there was a murderer in the neighborhood.  (heh heh)

Hope you have a great Hump Day peeps!

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