Tuesday, October 29, 2013

get in my closet!

I've been trying to spend as little money as possible lately.  With my new apartment costs and the fact that I pulled out practically a whole new wardrobe with my fall/winter clothes I hoped I could make it until after the holidays with just a handbag purchase and new black pumps.   That doesn't mean I don't still have the gimme's.   I'm constantly filling up shopping carts all over the inter webs and then "x"ing out of the window.   If I were spending money this is what I'd be buying...

A cozy cream chunky knit sweater for a crisp fall walk through the leaves with a latte and great company.
Adorable grey oxfords to complete my menswear closet.
A fall colored crossbody for weekend errands.
That hat!  I want one so bad!
Distressed skinnies - after ripping (where rips shouldn't be) my favorite pair I'm on the hunt for a great deal and fit.
A perfectly plaid scarf to layer over, well, everything!!

Hm, I would even wear all of these things together!

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