Tuesday, October 22, 2013

layer up - my outwear picks

Alright, alright I know of droned on and on about how fall is my favorite time of year.  But, seriously - it is.  Who doesn't feel all cozy when you're layered up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte keeping your palm warm, right?  Right.   It's about this time of year when I dust off all of my jackets, vests and coats and evaluate what's still in good enough shape to keep and what styles and trends I'd like to scoop up.  I'm loving all of the rich and bold colors and different styles and cuts.

That hot pink moto is to die for! What a fun piece to add to your outerwear collection.  Vests and puffers are sticking around this season.  Vests are perfection for fall, the ultimate layer piece!   A fur vest doesn't offer too much protection from the elements but it's a great trendy layer piece and sure is warm! Everyone needs a classic car coat and/or dress coat.  J.Crew, LOFT, and other business casual style stores have great options!

Which style is your favorite?


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