Tuesday, August 13, 2013

beach get away - what to pack!

In a week and a half I will travel down to North Carolina to relax on the beach for a few days! I never know what to pack for these occasions and I will need to fit everything into a carryon size case.  I am counting on timeless pieces that can be re-worn and re-mixed throughout the 4 or so days I'll be there.  Plus, you have to consider flying and sitting in a car.

A couple basic tops will see me through the days while I'm not on the beach.
A suit - of course!
Sunnies are a must!
A pair of comfortable jeans
Denim shorts are awesome for touring and are a great suit cover-up!
A dual use dress, something to have for dinner out or can be used as a cover up.
A few accessories to get me through - statement necklace will add charm and pop to any outfit and a scarf is a must especially when flying!
Toms are great for walking and so are a sensible cute sandal.

Are you taking any end of summer trips?  What will you be packing?

summer's last hurrah

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