Friday, August 16, 2013


Remember when I told you how to wear neon to work?  I love this top, it makes the perfect little shell.  The tank straps are too skinny to wear alone, though.   But, it was a nice pop of color.  

I wish that you could really see my little bracelet - it's an Anchor and the perfect little accessory.  This is when the tripod and I struggle to show you what I've styled.   Speaking of tripods - anyone else who uses one, do you get strange looks from people?  I typically stop at my dance studio to take advantage of this perfectly distressed brick wall as a back drop, because it's on my way to work.  Since I also rent the building I figure if anyone is going to give me a hard time I have that going for me...  People typically just stare but I often get the questions of whether I'm taking a picture of the wall.  Yes, sir.  I'm taking a picture of a bare wall.  Every day.  People can be very curious :) 

But peeps - TGIF!!  I finally woke up feeling like it was Friday and it actually was!!  Do you all have exciting things in store this weekend?  Hope so!  

Top - Old Navy now $5!
Cardigan - Old Navy
Pants - Old Navy 
Shoes - Target
Bracelet - Sira & Mara

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