Monday, August 19, 2013

self made

"Never by the book, always underestimated

It's hard to believe the life that you've created
Self made
The impossible endeavor, never would you trade
It's a legacy that you take to the grave
Self made
Self made
Live and die by the chance we're taking
Money don't buy the life that we're making"

- Self Made || Little Big Town

I was listening to this song last night.  I just felt like it described me and my life so far.  I've worked so hard to be where I am.  My family just told me how proud they are of me last night and then hearing the song it really hit me.  I've taken a dream and created a reality getting my T.C.R.G. certification.  I started my job as the receptionist and some how made it into a career!  I've taken a blog vision and created something cool.   I'm not perfect but I make it work.

This week I'm unplugging, well blog wise.  I'll still be on twitter and instagram documenting my North Carolina trip.  But, I've decided to take a whole 7 days off of blogging and all that encompasses.

I feel as though I deserve and need a break so, I'll be back in a few!  Enjoy your week!

Shirt - H&M, similar
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Target
Bracelet - Sira&Mara

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