Friday, August 9, 2013

wear now & later - white pants

Have we all caught on to the white pant trend?  I mean, I definitely have a pair but am still oozing with envy any time I see another blogger pull them off better, or in a different style.  Aaaand I still get nervous wearing mine since I'm so accident prone, but Resolve has become my best friend (Yes, the carpet cleaner.  Yes, I use that on my clothing stains.  Yes, I just blew your mind).  

It is August though (and currently quite hot and humid here!) so there's a bit of summer left, but I don't think I'm alone in pre-thinking for fall.   I want to be sure my wardrobe is ready for transition.  You would think that white pants would be a seasonal special - one trend to come and go.  I invite you to consider that the between Memoral Day and Labor Day rule no longer applies.  Wear your white pants into fall... all the way into fall.  White is a shade which does pair extremely well with other earth and jewel tones which I mentioned in my 12 Transitional Pieces post and my Fall into Neutral Season post.

I styled a pair of cropped skinny white pants for now.  Wear these with bright, bold, and beautiful colors now.   A cool girl wedge and structured crossbody will add a little charm to your look!

The later look I took jewel toned blazer and a floral top to dress up a boyfriend fit pair of chino pants. A leopard flat, neutral bag and simple accessories keep this look grounded and casual chic.

Will you be wearing white this fall?

white pants wear now

white pants wear later


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