Tuesday, March 5, 2013

15 Items Every Woman Should Own

15 Items Every Woman Should Own

When people ask me what they should buy when they go shopping I start asking about these pieces.  Do you have a... how about a... if the answer is yes I'll move onto a trendy piece, if no I give them this list.  These are timeless pieces that should have a permanent home in your closet.  Wear the heck out of them, mix and match them and replace them when needed.

1. The White T-Shirt: Literally can be worn with anything.  Great for layering or toning down a crazy pattern! 
2. Dark Wash Jeans: They're jeans, but they're instantly dressy because of their dark wash.  Wear casually or with a fun top; heels, boots, flats, or Chucks.
3. The White Oxford: I love pairing mine with boyfriend jeans and really girly heels.  Also great for layering under a blazer with a pop jewelry piece.
4. The Crew Neck Sweater: Another layering piece.  This will transition you in and out of each season or be your staple "over a button down" piece.
5. Black and Nude Flats: I wear the crap out of mine! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that they go with everything!
6. The Chambray Top: As versatile as a white button down. Can even be worn with jeans! HINT: Be sure the denim doesn't match! 
7. Trouser Jeans: They look like dress slacks - they feel like denim! I love dressing these up for work, or dressing them down on the weekends.  
8. The LBD: I shouldn't have to explain why we all need one! They're flirty, they're fun, they should be worn year round! 
9. Black Pumps: OK - Maybe your's aren't this fancy (I had to they were too cute!), weather sparkly, patent, or suede they're classics. 
10. The Denim Jacket: One of my top 5 Transitional Pieces!
11. Black Blazer: The perfect go to!  Swing this thing on and your outfit goes from boring to chic in seconds!
12. The Leather "Moto" Jacket: Perfect to juxtapose your outfit (leather and lace, girly and tough). I wear mine all the time during transition seasons!
13. The Knee High Boot: Try a great color like pictured above or, stick to the staple black or brown.
14. Bold Colored or Patterned Scarf: It's functional, its fashionable.  Who still has questions?
15. The Pencil Skirt: Whether black, grey, navy, beige, colored or patterned this piece should not ever just be considered office wear!

Which staples are your favorite?

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