Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 26 Remix: And Again

This striped blazer has gotten a LOT of love over this remix challenge.  I've been waiting the whole month to pair it with this green shirt dress.  Does something ever eat away at you until you rip off the tags and wear it?  That is this dress.  Such a bold color!  Today it was actually feeling like spring here (yay!) so I brought it out.   

Behind my dance studio is also becoming my new favorite place to snap outfit shots.  It's so private back there!!  If I ever have a free day where I can roam around town and find a good spot to set up my tripod inconspicuously... then I'll take some snaps at a different locale.  For now, this will do!

Blazer - Old Navy
Dress - H&M similar Love THIS
Booties - Steve Madden similar
Belt - Forever 21 (old) LOVE THIS
Sunnies - H&M (old) similar

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