Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 17 Remix; The Wearing O'The Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!   

Today we perform our last show of the season.   Thank goodness - I didn't want to look right in the camera as to show off the massive bags under my eyes from the past few days!  Yesterday we our parade and it was frigid cold and snowing!  It was a great parade though, and I hope the kids had a good time.  Usually we partake in our own Irish festivities after we send the kiddos home with mom and dad.  Dinner and drinks with my friends last night was an awesome time.   The perfect detox to a couple hectic days.  

Blazer - Target Similar and on sale!
Top - Old Navy Similar
Jeans - Old Navy
Tote - Kate Spade via eBay
Shoes - Target

Enjoy some photos of the first church of Saint Patrick 


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