Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Workout & Workout Wear

weekend workout

toptopelastic waist pants / perforated shoes / Beach handbag

The past couple days I've been feeling a wee bit of a head cold.  That, however, is NO excuse for me to skip my workout (you either for that matter).  I actually feel much better after I've been moving and then take a nice hot shower.  So, here's another Bootcamp HIIT workout brought you by the color orange.

Warm Up:
30 Seconds each of: Straight Leg Kicks & Jumping Jacks

Each Movement in each circuit is done for 30 seconds.  Do each circuit then start at the top and repeat! 

Circuit 1:
Walk Out to Push Up
Plank Hold
Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2:
Clock Lunges
1 Leg Squat (on the repeat switch legs)
Double Crunch
Explosive Squat Jumps

Circuit 3:
Pike Pushups
Plank Rotations
Flutter Kicks
Upside Down Bear Crawl

Cool down by stretching each muscle group for about 3-5 minutes.  Eat a clean meal and drink plenty of water! 

Check out my new "Workout How To" Page for descriptions of some of these movements! 

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