Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19 Remix: Seeing Double

My hair is all over the place in these shots.  I was in this little cove of the building at my office mostly because the geese are everywhere and really territorial.  They're also pretty confused as to why they came back North and their pond is frozen over?  Or, I'd like to guess that they are.  I don't seem to be alone suffering through what seems to be the longest winter since the ice age.   Fellow bloggers all over (except you lucky ducks in the South and West Coast) the nation are patiently awaiting spring.   For me, the sun being out on my way home from work was almost enough to lift my mood, almost. 
So more about why this post is entitled Seeing Double.  I decided to do this Remix Challenge through March.  Why? Well, I'm not quite certain now as it's typically 40 degrees pretty consistently right about now so, there are some pieces I haven't even been able to remix yet!  Definitely learning a lot about layering though...  Like two button downs, who'da-thunk-it?  Two shirts, two shades of denim.  Now you catching on to the seeing double theme here? 

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Shirt 1 - Old Navy
Shirt 2 - American Eagle
Jeans - Gap
Booties - Steve Madden via Marshalls

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