Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 18 Remix: detox

Today I'm on St Pat's weekend detox.  Slept in, enjoyed my coffee, made breakfast (eggs with bacon and half an avocado), did my workout,  and now I stalk my favorite bloggers whilst sitting at the laundry mat.  
On a sidebar, I just bought this new Loreal shampoo and conditioner.  You cannot tell from my photos but my hair feels amazing.  Only my hairdresser (my momma!) can make it feel this soft. 

A little side story as to where I shot my outfit photos this morning.   There is this incredibly creepy alley behind my dance studio that butts right up against the highway.  I risked someone never finding my dead body back there for the privacy of the space.  There is no one around trying to figure out why I keep posing in front of my camera.  I'm also not sure how I feel about this half tucked in half out sloppy yet put together look - thoughts? 

Blazer - Target similar
Sweater - J.Crew Factory
Button Down Shirt - H&M similar
Jeans - Gap (mine are a size bigger than what I wear now creating the slouchy boyfriend like look)
Flats - Target
Sunnies - Chevy, free at Heinz Field 

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