Wednesday, June 5, 2013

big hat

Hmm, I dont think this maxi photographs well - but, I wanted to show off my big hat I just snatched up.      I could not leave Marshall's without this hat!  There were several that I had tried on but I just loved the "chambray" look of this one - so versatile! 

We had a couple of scorcher days here and now it's cooled off quite nicely.  Gotta love Rochester upstate NY weather!   This past weekend we had a huge party at my parents new house; all of a sudden we got a huge thunderstorm which crammed everyone inside the garage and onto the porch.  I have to say that I think it made the party more fun!  Everyone was forced to be in close quarters with each other.  We had old folks hanging out playing flip cup with us and we all had a blast!   Then Sunday we lounged around all day (pretty hungover, speaking for myself).  

Is Wednesday too late to update you on my weekend?  Too bad so sad.  Hope you all had a good one too!

Hat - Calvin Klein via Marshalls
Dress - NYC Boutique, similar
Flips - American Eagle, similar, similar

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  1. i love big floppy hats worn with maxi dresses! i need a hat like that!!

    Sandy a la Mode