Wednesday, June 12, 2013

something borrowed

The best part of having sisters is the shared closet rights.  Sara and I share just about everything we own, within reason.  If there's a new item we try not to borrow it until the purchaser has a chance to wear it.  Sometimes this rule gets broken (Sara takes too long wearing some of her cutest items!).   This adorable striped dress is a borrowed item from her closet.  I saw it and immediately wanted to pair it with my cobalt blazer - I was extremely satisfied when the imagined outfit came out as planned.  Does that ever happen to you?  You imagine an outfit and it doesn't exactly quite work...?  

Blazer - Arden B, similar
Dress - American Eagle via Sara's closet, similar
Wedges - Target
Tote - MK via Marshalls, similar
Necklace and Spike bracelet - Sira & Mara

2 more entires welcome for while I'm in California on "vacation" July 2-8th.  Please email me at ninapiccini @ if you want to guest post!

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