Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tuesday pinspiration

I'm taking a break from the usual "Tuesday Trend" type of post.  I wanted to feature something a little different.  You know, change it up a bit - let you guys know what inspires me.   There are so many amazingly beautiful snaps floating around pinterest these days.  Anyone else addicted? Yeah, thought so.   What an awesome marketplace for inspiration!

Here's my top 5 inspirational photos for getting dressed this spring/summer!

Relaxed boyfriend look has been my go to lately.  It's so chic, comfortable and low maintenance.  Which is everything spring and summer call for!

Pair chambray with everything!  Oh, and wear some florals too!

Wear white.  Wear neon.  Maybe not always together, but wear them nonetheless..

Another boyfriend look.  I love pairing my baseball tee with my slouchy jeans as Blair from Atlantic - Pacific did above.  So chic!

Be simple.  Sometimes the weekend calls for zero accessories, kicks and a dress you don't have to worry about reshaping every time you sit and stand up!

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Entries welcome for while I'm in California on "vacation" July 2-8th.  Please email me at ninapiccini @ gmail.com if you want to guest post!

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