Saturday, June 1, 2013

weekend workout & workout wear

For this workout you will need 5-10lb hand weights.   You can find hand weights pretty much anywhere (even marshalls!).  They're the lowest prices at places like Target or Walmart vs. Dicks or any other sporting goods store.   

My sisters and I did this workout last week after quickly throwing it together and I'll tell ya - my legs were sore for a few days.  Don't panic!  Not the kind of sore where you can't climb stairs or sit on the toilet (I've been that sore, it's not fun) but the kind when you know you got a great burn. 

Set up 4 stations with a timer for 1 min.
Push Up
Mt Climbers
Lunge with Bicep Curl
Kettlebell Swing
There is a video tutorial on the Crossfit website for kettlebell swings if you've never done these before! 

Run 200 meters in between each station. 

*Repeat 3x's

weekend workout and workout wear
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