Thursday, June 27, 2013

keeping cool in floral

I finally caved and put my AC unit in the window.   I call this caving because the best part of summer for me is that I can open the *two* windows I have in my bitty studio apartment.   With only two windows who wants to have them both closed when you can have them open while the birds chirp, neighbors have parties, and firetrucks fly by?   Regardless of my desire to hear every sound in my neighborhood, I clogged up a window.  
The deciding factor was  yesterday morning.  It was an absolute disaster trying to get dressed.  After about 4 outfits, and lots of sweat trying to get the pants on... and then off... I landed on this dress and brought a denim jacket to work with me.  I couldn't bear trying to make another pair of pants work.  

Week is almost over and I'm already ready for vacation! 
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Dress - Old Navy, similar similar
Belt - Forever21 (old), similar
Shoes - Old Navy, similar

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