Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15 updates to your closet staples for 2014

It's that time of year, when you're digging through your closet relying on the same ole favorites to get you through those tough winter days.   You may find your favorite sweater has a hole in the arm pit or your chambray is getting a little too worn in (as if there is such a thing).  I definitely pulled out my old favorite striped sweater from h&m yesterday and realized it did indeed acquire not one hole but both arm pits had holes and I cried a little on the inside.  I suppose that's what I get for wearing that thing, literally every Saturday.  Oops.  

Today I'm going to list out my favorite closet staples that you could upgrade in 2014; if you haven't already, that is.  
When I think about what has become mainstays within my wardrobe there are only a few items.  Some of them still appear on my wish list or have tried them and are simply not for me (panama hat, oh lawd it was awful!).  

1. Swap out the black wayfarers for a lighter hue
2.  wear chunky layered pieces instead of delicate ones.
3. Change up the neutral every day bag to a bold colorful one.
4. Instead of normal leggings, switch them out for leather panel leggings.  Gives a little bit of edge to an otherwise boring ansam
5.  long tassel necklaces replace the typical long necklace this year
6.  Opt for D'Orsay flats instead of the usuals
7.  Boyfriend jeans all day long, and in a light blue shade. 
8.  Swap out your trusty black pump for a bold cobalt
9.  Do you like patterns?  Try a floral pencil skirt to turn heads within your office.
10.  Trust the width of a mens belt instead of a thin one.
11.  Still obsessed with Chambray like me? Great, pick up a patterned one to add a little unexpected flair to a favorite.
12.   Swap your gold link watch for a leather band.  Timeless. 
13.  Buy more blazers with bold patterns, they double as office wear and outerwear. 
14. Ditch the fedora and put on a panama hat.  Think Indiana Jones.
15.  Metallic nails! 


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