Saturday, January 11, 2014

weekend inspiration 2

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Maybe it's the 50 degree day I'm about to step into that is making me all floral and bright colored again.    Or, maybe it's that everyone is now sick of their basics and are ready to change it up.  

1. I just love how effortlessly cool this girl looks with her scarf worn as a wrap.  The jeans, the loafers, all of it makes it.  
2.  Gosh darn it, I need a hat and a silky floral shirt.   What a great pallet for a floral pattern - so versatile. 
3.  My girl crush continues for Kendi. Loving her look here and she's making me want to chop my hair off!

As I'm not shopping, or trying not to anyways (I may "need" that hat in my life) I'm trying to pin outfits or inspiration for one of two things... 
1. outfits comprised of items I have exactly or similar to already
2. inspiration for spring wardrobe update (that floral shirt would be one)

What you may have missed... 
Monday I remixed a few new pieces with old
Tuesday I wore a coat as my main outfit piece
Wednesday I let you in on my winter essentials 
Thursday I tried the Midi skirt trend
Friday I shared a recipe i whipped up this week

I'm going to talk a lot about not shopping and ways you can remix, so if that's not up your alley #sorrynotsorry.   I cannot be completely apologetic for my lifestyle.   I can only hope that you enjoy the content here and my remixing of my wardrobe and you'll stick around through thick and thin :)
Thank you always for reading and enjoy your weekend! 


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