Saturday, January 25, 2014

weekend inspiration

Image sources on my Style Inspiration Pinterest Board 

I'm officially in a style rut.  Layering on clothes upon clothes to keep warm and I'm thinking I may just go on freezing to death to be fashionable.  Oh the things we do to look good :)
I'm craving simple button downs distressed jeans and heels.  No more socks, scarfs!  Being that I'm trying not to shop (too much) I'm definitely looking to Pinterest to keep me inspired to continue to remix my current pieces!  
Are we all feeling this? 

Here's what you may have missed on AT40BF:

Monday I remixed my favorite plaid shirt.  I cannot stop wearing and re-wearing this shirt!
Did you shop the Gap sales?  Check out my favorites here!
Tuesday I tipped off some updates to your wardrobe staples
Wednesday  I tested the limits of winter style and wore my floral pants (gasp!)
Thursday I participated in a style personality contest with brilliant earth 
Friday I shared one of my favorite original recipes.

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