Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pep in my step

sweater - j.crew factory // shirt, jeans & flats - gap  // necklace - siramara

Since about October I've been craving luxe neutrals and earth tones.  There's been a shift in my consciousness and now I want to wear all the colors all the time.  I'm not sure if it's the remixing that's got me thinking this way or if I'm just tired of the same 4 sweaters and so I'm mixing it up a little bit more.  Either way, this purple and orange-cicle combo put a little pep in my step last week.  

I'm celebrating Hump Day a little extra this week.  I took off Friday and have Martin Luther King Day off of work and am just so happy to have a four day weekend.  
A weekend full errands, lounging, appointments and more outfit planning.  Do you guys do that too?  
If I'm bored laying around the house and don't feel like doing that any more, I start ripping apart my closet.   Either way, I'm excited for what the weekend brings.   

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