Thursday, January 2, 2014

old friends | new times

sweater - american eagle (old) // chambray - old navy // tee - target // necklace - old navy // jeans - old navy // boots - sorel

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year's!  I woke up in my parents house yesterday after a fab night in with friends and family.  It was so, so nice to have a relaxing New Year's Eve for once and not a crazy chaotic mess.  Although, those are fun too! 
I joined a gym this past week so I took a gander over there and got a workout in.  I am going to start lifting a little bit more again, I miss it.  Yes, I was once a gym rat and enjoy a good deadlift.  

After lunch yesterday I ventured out in the cold to meet an old and dear friend.  My lovely Anna-Banana was in town and I haven't seen her in well, too long.  It was a blast from the past and felt like we could pick up where we left off.  Her and I went to college together for vocal performance.  I don't know if you know anything about music majors, but they pretty much like to drink Blue Whales and play obscure instruments at 3am.  Or, at least that's what we did.   Some of the best times in my life were with that lady and I'm so happy we've gotten back in touch.  
Do you ever lose touch with people and then wish you hadn't?  

Hope you have a thoughtful Thursday!

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