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fitness friday; 5 tips for snacking

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I try to do yoga at least once a week.  Not only is it physically challenging but it's rejuvenating to the mind, soul, and body.   Breathing through poses and feeling your body burn and stretch is a surprisingly very soothing feeling!  Have you ever tried it? 
I also love the Pocket Yoga App for iPhone.  With a few different Vinyasa Flow and HIIT in three different levels it's a great introduction if you are pretty unfamiliar and don't want to try at a gym or Yoga Studio.  

Last week I told you to make five goals for yourself.  Did you stick to them?  I mostly did.  
Unfortunately my car broke down and I didn't make it to the gym; however, I did do at home workouts in lieu of that.  
I'm setting five new goals for this coming week, you should too!
1. Five miles this weekend toward half marathon training regardless of weather conditions
2. Try two new paleo receipes
3. Go for dark chocolate options verses peanut m&m's at the vending machine (guilty)
4. Try pilates class at the gym.
5. Read my body but push through sore with at least some Yoga or stretching.

Let's talk snacking!
I know how it goes.  It's 2:30 pm, you're sitting at your desk and you've already consumed your lunch but you already want more.  This is completely normal and healthy.  Do not rule out snacks.  Let's talk about a few healthy options. 

First try{water}, your body actually obtains a considerable amount of water through your food - crazy, right?  So, often when you're actually thirsty your stomach sends signals that you're hungry.  If you're feeling that feeling and you've just eaten... definitely hit the water bottle before consuming more food.  

I always try to carry {raw almonds} with me.  I count out 12 and try and eat them slowly.  Or, if I'm completely ravenous I'll eat the 12 plus a small piece of fruit or cut up veggie.   I'm also on the go a lot and having these in my purse help me from getting Hangry! 

Eat {six-seven small meals a day} understanding portion control here is key.  You cannot load up an entire plate of food six times a day and expect positive results.   Breakfast should certainly be your biggest meal of the day and they should taper down after that.  Your metabolism gets slower as the day goes on because you continue to give it food and beverage to process.  

My typical meal plan looks like this:
Preworkout snack #1: Banana and a huge glass of water
Breakfast; two eggs, handful of berries OR 2 strips of Bacon/chicken sausage OR a half a sweet potato
Snack #2: 1/3 cup of plain greek yogurt with either a tsp of honey or berries
Snack #3: 12 almonds
Lunch: Handful size portion of meat on a salad or with a veggie side. 
Snack #4: veggies and a tbsp of hummus OR an Apple with Almond butter
Dinner: typically similar to lunch

{Slow down} this is huge for even me.  I'm an extremely fast eater and often you still feel that hungry sensation when your plate is clean.  It takes up to 20 minutes for your body to recognize you've given it enough fuel...give it that time.  

Stay away from {white flour foods}.  These actually trigger your sugar levels to spike about 40 minutes later leaving you with an actual hunger feeling.  It's like craving drugs.   If you are eating gluten and grain I would stick to brown and natural grains.  Read the label, if enriched or bleached is in the first few, don't buy it.  

Change it up! Don't eat the same thing day in and day out.  There are tons of options and food blogs across the internets to assist you.  Or, if you have a recipe you love and can't give up send it my way and I can help you convert this into something healthy.  Your boyfriend, husband, kids, whoever probably won't even notice! 

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