Friday, July 5, 2013

Guest Post - Predisposed Vintage

Happy Friday everybody! I'm pleased to introduce to you Predisposed Vintage and its owner Scott who volunteered to guest post for me while I'm on vacation!  Vintage clothing is such a cool niche market, each piece of clothing has a history and tells a story that you may never hear. Although it's not in everyone's mind or closet, Scott's shop surely has something for everybody. 


Ladies, do you know that fear you have? The fear of attending a wedding and someone else is wearing the exact same dress as you. Well I used to have a similar fear every day of my life only mine was seeing a guy wearing the exact same t-shirt as I had on. It’s human nature to compare so naturally our brain is wired to then ask the questions: Does that person look better than I do in it? Am I that unoriginal? It was that fear that changed my life forever more.

About 10 years ago I was killing time waiting to meet with a client and I noticed a thrift store across the street. I never viewed myself above the clientele that I assumed would shop at such places so I walked over in my suit and tie to “look around”. Being an active male in his early 30’s I knew that I could never have enough gym t-shirts so I started there. At first I would just randomly separate the shirts looking for my size with no other prerequisites in mind. Soon I found myself holding a dozen t-shirts in my hand. The strange thing about it was not so much the quantity but the fact that only 2 of the t-shirts would actually fit me. I would see a t-shirt and my mind would drift off to a friend, an aunt, anyone who I knew would love it. It was 99 cents, if they didn’t like it no big deal but if they did I would be regarded as thoughtful Scott the rest of my life. 
Fast forward 7 years to 2010 when I meet my wife to be. I’ll never forget that day when she walked into my closet and asked “Why do you have 400 t-shirts hanging in here?” It sounded so dirty, like your mom coming into your room and saying “I found this baggy in your jeans last night”. I had a problem and I knew it………I was out of closet space. 

The solution was easy and it prevented me from going to Thrift Store Anonymous. If I built an online store I could share my finds with others around the planet who appreciate the feel of vintage one of a kind t-shirts. It was from this simple idea that I created Predisposed Vintage where you can find over 800 vintage t-shirts, dresses, concert jerseys, sweatshirts and polyester disco shirts. I like to believe every shirt I sell has a wonderful story or more appropriately a story full of wonder. What did the original owner look like? Where did they buy it? Were they the “cool kid” in high school and was this t-shirt was their way of showing it?  If you like what you see here I bet we have something you will love on the store site.

I want to personally thank Nina for allowing me the opportunity to share my store with all of you as well as making my clothes look so fantastic in the photos. As a thank you to all her readers I have set up a coupon code at my store entitled “Nina” that will get you 20% off your first purchase. I look forward to having you sleep soundly at night like I do knowing that you may never see someone in the same t-shirt as you ever again.

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