Saturday, July 20, 2013

weekend workout & workout wear

This is the type of workout outfit that would carry you through your Saturday.  I typically do not condone wearing yoga pants outside of the house.  I believe it sends a sloppy message.   However, if you're going to rock the workout style running errands or to a sporting event (your kid's soccer game included!).  Be sure you look put together.  A sporty top and cute kicks are the way to go!

 Now, here's a workout for you before you hit your "to do" list!

Warm up with jumping jacks and jogging in place for 2-5 minutes.
1 min Squat with Arm Curl
1 min Jump Rope
1 min Push Ups
1 min Russian Twists

1 min Straight Leg Dead Lift
1 min Arm Rows
1 min Sit Ups
1 min Plank Hold

30 seconds Squat Jumps
1 min Walk Out
30 second Two Feet Side to Side Plank Hops
1 min Side Plank Crunches (30 seconds each side)
1 min Plank Walks


Drink plenty of water, it's hot out there!

weekend workout

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