Thursday, July 18, 2013

not thrift shoppin'

A few years back my mom had given me this dress that was my grandmother's she had stored away.  I cannot remember why, but I needed something nicer for work and this Audrey Hepburn inspired number was perfect.  At the time I belted it with a thick black belt and wore kitten pointy heels with it to personify it's Audrey-ness.  
 My mom just had a Psychic reading this past week and one of the things the Psychic told her was that her mother gets so excited every time she's ever pulled out her old jewelry....  I was hoping that I made her happy and excited to see me recycling her dress and making it feel new again.  
My grandmother was a singer and used to perform all the time.  Every time I wear this dress I think about it's story it has, where she was when she wore it.  Was it glamorous or just to church...  

Do you have any hand-me-downs that have a story? 

Dress - Queens Way, similar
Clutch - Gap & ON SALE! 
Shoes - JustFab 

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