Monday, July 1, 2013

Best of June

Due to weather conditions and an insane schedule this weekend I don't have any outfits to show off.  I thought I'd round up my favorites from June and take a moment to reflect on past outfits.   See, I have this quirky mental thing where I can't wear the same outfit twice.  I mean, I definitely do, but I try to consider the circumstances.  For example; different people, setting, work, out of work, dance event...etc.   If you follow along on Instagram and Twitter you know that I'm partaking in a 90 Day No Shopping Challenge.   This reflection of previous outfits is important for that, if nothing else.   I didn't want to just do 30 days because I didn't feel I'd save enough money (which is the point of not shopping) but I also felt I had enough pieces to get me through summer and wanted to be more appreciative of the clothes that I don't wear often enough.  What dilemma does that cause?  The "I have nothing to wear" due to fear of wearing the same outfit twice.  It's a problem, I know this.  Please tell me I'm not alone....!!  

So without further ado, here's my favorite round up of June.

Happy Monday and July! 

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